How about instead of teaching people not to be attractive to rapist; we teach people not to rape.

Is that, dare i say, too hard? Too difficult? Too unheard of?

  • Do we say to children who are raped, stop being innocent?
  • Do we say to the elderly who are raped, stop being helpless?

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SlutWalk Planning Committee Meeting!

Tonight on Florida State University’s campus at The SLC Room 101B! 

Come if you can and bring all ideas and findings!

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Many convicted sexual assailants are unable to remember what their victims looked like or were wearing. Nothing a person does or does not do causes a brutal crime like sexual assault. The Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline puts it this way: “You could be walking down Fullerton Avenue at 3 in the morning,…

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Things like this are why we keep fighting! All it takes is one person to start a movement and to change society as we know it!

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Shout out to our new followers and shout out to all of the wonderful people willing to take a stand and ignite some change!

Getting involved in what seems like “minimal” ways sometimes makes the largest impact in the lives of others and our society as whole. Thank you for everything and please, continue spreading the word throughout!

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For those that can please help promote our pages:

This is the usual description we use:

"Protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a person’s appearance. Moving against intolerance and towards education."

It will take place in Tallahassee, FL February 2012

We also have a twitter (@slutwalktally) and a FB Page (Slutwalk Tallahassee)!

Anything is appreciated, thanks again!

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Let’s talk about sex baby! (Let’s talk about you and me uh-huh) *does a little dance*…*ahem*

What does the word slut mean to you? Have you ever heard a person use slut in a positive sense? Why does a male equivalent not exist? Why do people feel the need to label a woman for her sexual…

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